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Papercrafting, mixed media, cardstock, bling and so much more!

Welcome to Creating with Chrissy

Are you a busy mom who wants to create a healthy and safe home for your children? You want to have more free time to enjoy every moment you have with them, those moments fly by so quickly! You want to stop feeling guilty about the piles of laundry, the finger prints on your wood work and the fur balls that look like extra pets gathering in the corners, BUT you are looking for healthier alternatives to clean your home - without the use of chemical cleaners, what do you do!? Well, my friend - me too! I am just like you! Mom, coffee addict, Papercrafter, healthy living wife and filled with the Faith of Jesus Christ, looking for balance and more hours in my day.

I am married to a WONDERFUL guy for over 20 years with 4 beautiful children, whom I have home schooled for 19+ years! I know what it is like to have to create BALANCE between juggling work, family, faith and well... LIFE!

When you visit here, we will learn how to save time, money and your health while laughing and learning to make your home a Safe Haven for your family and finding balance in your life to do the things you LOVE!

I will share Paper Crafting, Product tips, Cooking tips, recipes, faith, Norwex before and afters, products that are safe for you to use - and best of all family funnies. I have spent years researching healthier living, so you don't have to!

Many of the "natural" and "organic" products out there are often filled with toxins. New products that seem like the latest and greatest are continuously being introduced and without being regulated for our use, can be harmful to us! I would LOVE to share Norwex with you, if you have not tried it yet.

If you have questions, MESSAGE me. I want to be your GO TO GAL - and help you create the Safe Haven for your family.

If you have a Norwex testimony please share it here. My customers are excellent at sharing why they love their products!

Thank you for stopping by!

Chris Dickinson - Papercraft Artist

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