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Be the Change

Every morning, we get to wake up and make a choice. Do we want to make a difference in the world or do we just want to walk through our day with no purpose and feel unhappy? Do we rely on others to make the change?

I struggle with depression. However, when I find myself depressed, I am looking at the past and am inwardly focused. Depression leads me to be focused on my SELF instead of looking for opportunities to bless and help others. My focus is on what I did in the past that was not right rather than what and WHO ELSE I can focus on TODAY.

Reflect inwardly: What choices are you making today that are holding you back? Are you procrastinating on something that you should just DO today? Make the choice today, to make a change that will bring you closer to one of your goals.

Disclaimer: For myself, I know my faith comes from the Lord Jesus Christ - so really, He is the one who can change my life, not myself. BUT I have the power to choose what I do and what I focus on TODAY.