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Nashville Home Show

Hello Everyone - I am home from Nashville, TN and their Home Show. What an AMAZING experience. My team and I spoke to so many people and we were able to share the gift of Norwex with many new friends! Of course, there were many people who said they were NOT interested, but honestly, we knew it was NOT a personal rejection as much as they did NOT know what a gift Norwex is to every home.

I mean really.... Cleaning with JUST water and Norwex? No other household cleaners that may result in harm to your health? After doing this for well over 4 years, I know it is because they just do not know about it. Now don't get me wrong...I realize there are people who know about Norwex who do not use it. That is their choice. For me and my family though, what a gift it is to use non toxic cleaners. The results have been amazing for my son's health. NO nebulizers/ breathing treatments in years! Cleaning with no chemicals and NO vinegar (Peee-uuuu!!!) and getting EVERYTHING off of the surface gives me peace of mind! (If you want more information, contact me at I would love to share it with you!)

Anyways - we went into the Home Show well prepared with TONS of inventory. It was an exciting event that took a few months to prepare. Everything from shelving, insurance, a Sales license for the state of Tennessee, ordering LOTS of inventory and literature and printing. Unsure of what to expect, how do you know what to do? What do you pack? How do you know how to prepare? What do you ask to prepare for a Vendor Event? Watch for a series of blog posts the next few weeks that explain how we prepared.

Here are some pictures from our event. We met so many AMAZING people and had fun working as a team!  Some of the best parts of this business are the friendships and experiences you make!

Stay tuned on more details on Vendor events, Home shows, tips, etc.. Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!