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Our Household Package

Hi Everyone!  Today, I want to talk about the Household Package.  With just three items, you will significantly reduce the use of cleaning chemicals in your home.

The first item is our EnviroCloth.  This is handy multipurpose cloth can be used wet or dry to clean everything.  It is super versatile and perfect to replace chemical-laden all-purpose cleaners and eliminates the need for paper towels!  It is highly effective and easy to care for…between launderings, just rinse, wring out and hang to dry.  It is that simple!  This ultra-thick and absorbent cloth will pick up and hold more dust, dirt and debris than other cleaning cloths.  Use it in every room of your house, or choose a different color (4 total) for each room.  The EnviroCloth will make cleaning quick and easy, with very little effort.

 The second fabulous part of this package is the Window cloth.  It is your answer to easy, chemical-free window cleaning!  The Window cloth is silky, tightly woven microfiber that will get your windows, mirrors, jewelry and other shiny surfaces sparkling clean without leaving unsightly streaks or residues…using ONLY WATER! 

The final cloth of this trio is the Dusting Mitt.  This cloth, also microfiber, has a thick, terry-cloth-like texture and is made to fit your hand making cleaning blinds, screens and other hard-to-clean areas a breeze.  The Dusting Mitt comes in either blue or green and is super for chemical-free dusting.  It attracts and holds dust and other allergens.  No more moving dust around just to re-appear.

You can use it wet too, to wipe down your screens!

Whether or not you are doing daily chores, spring cleaning or a ten minute tornado, these cloths are  the answer to a quick and easy chemical-free clean.  Why not try them today and get your home on the way to being a safer haven?